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Bring Your Car in for a Free Exhaust Check

If your exhaust system starts to make rattling, roaring or hissing noises, it is time to get it checked. At JC Auto Services we can quickly locate problems with exhaust system and then recommend whether repair or replacement is the best way forward.

Free Exhaust Checks
Exhaust Repairs and Replacements

Exhaust Checks

Bring your car to our garage and we’ll conduct a free test to identify any issues with your exhaust system. We can then provide you with a quote for undertaking repair work or supplying and fitting a new exhaust system. We always offer honest advice and only use the highest quality, approved parts.

Exhaust Repairs

Where it is cost-effective we repair defects and replace components in failed exhaust systems, rather than replacing the whole system. Repairs can be carried out to gaskets, manifold studs, joints, hangers, mountings, silencer connections and catalytic converters.