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Improve Efficiency with Regular Tyre and 4-Wheel Alignment Checks

We supply and fit premium brand tyres such as Michelin and Bridgestone, along with mid-range and budget options at great prices. Our 4-wheel alignment service can help improve vehicle handling, economy and the life span of the tyres.

Tyre supply and fitting
wheel alignment

Branded and Budget Tyres

Premium, mid-range and economy tyres available for all makes and models. In most cases we recommend tyres to suit the vehicle, average mileage and customer budget. If you are a high-mileage road user we would probably suggest a premium tyre or mid-range option produced by a premium brand. Budget tyres are better suited to low-mileage vehicles and fitting

4-Wheel Alignments

To ensure a smooth ride and extend the handling, efficiency and life or your tyres, regular 4-wheel alignment is essential. Misaligned wheels cause premature wear on tyres and reduce the vehicle economy. If you have hit a curb, large pothole or other object your wheels may be misaligned. We’ll check the toe, camber and castor alignment and get your car running true again.